Leak detection
& repair

You can count on Mr Right to find and fix your leak – for good.

Finding the source of the leak and fixing it once and for all can be incredibly challenging – because most of the time the source of the leak isn't where the water is coming in.


All too often we see home or property owners and builders spend thousands of dollars tackling what seems to be the most obvious cause of the leak, only to find that when the next downpour comes the leak is still there. Then they move on to the next 'obvious' solution, over and over again, while the repair bills grow and grow...

This is largely because very few building professionals have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to successfully diagnose and resolve leaks. But at Mr Right leak diagnosis is a repair and speciality – meaning you can count on us to find the real cause or causes and fix them once and for all. 

Any leak... Any where... 

It doesn't matter where your leak is coming from – you can count on us to find the real source of the leak and repair it once and for all. 

- Leaking windows & doors
Ceiling leaks
- Shower or bathroom leaks
- Basement & floor leaks
- Balcony leaks 
- Leaking roofs
Melbourne's leak detection, diagnosis and repair experts

Over the last two decades we've solved thousands of different building leaks. Leaks in old buildings. Leaks in new buildings. Leaks that have been around for years and years, that nobody else has been able to get to the bottom of.  

In this time we've built developed a host of tried and tested systems and processes that allow us to identify the real source of a leak and fix it – fast. 

Our experience is unparalleled. And for this reason we are the number one point of call for builders and developers, architects and surveyors, property managers, insurance companies and homeowners across Melbourne.

In fact, we're so confident in our ability that we guarantee we'll stop your leak in 30 days, providing your building qualifies. 


'Mr Right were thorough in their approach to addressing water leaks from external sources. Their friendly and pro-active approach, calling on their experience, ensured our problems were addressed in timely manner.

Damian & David Yarraville Home Owners

You can count on Mr Right to get the job done right

– Thorough inspection & expert advice
– Quality workmanship
– Attention to detail
– Friendly and reliable service
– Cost effective repairs

Over the last 20 years the Mr Right team has repaired and restored residential, commercial and industrial buildings across Melbourne. You can count on us to deliver: