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Why choose Mr. Right for your Melbourne property maintenance? It all comes down to 5 Core

Questions we ask about every job:

  • Is this the way I would want it done?
  • Are these the workmen I would choose?
  • Would this be the solution I would want if it were my property?
  • Are these the materials I would use?
  • Would I be happy if my property were left in this condition?
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We guarantee:

  • Quality service at a fair price
  • Experienced providers
  • Friendly and reliable team
  • Schedules to suit your lifestyle
  • Transparent reporting and documentation

Fixed our elusive balcony leak!

It is not easy to find Mr. Right!  But oh so wonderful when it happens!
Thank you to Martin and his team for fixing the balcony leak that was going into our bedroom. Many a tradesmen had attempted to do the same over a period of 10 years, with the last one charging thousands of dollars to no avail!

Home Owner

Who is Mr. Right?

In both my professional and personal life I look for quality, innovation, and trustworthiness. That’s the kind of person I am, and that’s the kind of business I run. My goal is to give the kind of service and professionalism I want to receive and I choose team members and contractors who have the same values.

You might be wondering, “What’s a trained engineer and project manager doing working in construction and maintenance?” The truth is, that’s the kind of work I really enjoy – working with a team of people I know and trust, and helping clients achieve the outcomes they’re looking for.

My engineering experience has given me a knowledge of structures and materials that lets me provide thorough, innovative, and cost effective solutions for clients. This is especially useful in the leak detection and repairs, and balcony leaks side of my business. If you look at home and balcony leaks as a simple problem then you will rarely find the root cause – but if you examine the entire structure then all the pieces come together.

Repeat clients all over Melbourne trust me to thoroughly analyse the situation before I start a project, so that we don’t encounter nasty surprises during the work. A lot of building maintenance work is done by tradesmen who are highly skilled at their particular trade, but who lack the experience to look at the project as a whole. Often that means they’ll need to add to the quote later when they uncover rotting timber or other problems they didn’t notice at first. Because I look at the project as a whole, do my research thoroughly and clearly explain what is involved, my clients know what to expect and enjoy a relatively low-hassle experience.

I outline the process and the costs, then once you’ve accepted my proposal everything else is my responsibility. Since I am not committed to a particular product or process, I’m able to find the most appropriate solution for your situation, and implement it using my team of expert tradesmen.

In addition to maintenance including leak detection and repairs, we also install art hanging systems and hang valuable items such as mirrors. This service is in great demand, because many people underestimate the sheer weight of these valuable items and risk damaging their walls and their works of art as a result. My knowledge of structures and materials ensures that your items are safely attached to the wall, and stay there until you want to move them.


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