Mini Renovations – an inexpensive way to add value to your home

Mini Renovations – an inexpensive way to add value to your home

So – you’ve been in your new home for a year or two now. You’re enjoying the wonderful sense of home ownership. The bank may still own a large slice of it but at least you are on the way to owning your own home. Or maybe you own an older home and have been considering doing some improvements in a few areas.

A number of your friends have carried out major renovations and they are full of war stories about “the builder” and “the architect”. You know they’ve spent several hundred thousand dollars to achieve the new addition at the back. But deep down you know you don’t want to go through what they’ve just been through.

But, what are the options? Somewhere between doing nothing and carrying out a major renovation. Maybe you should consider carrying out a mini renovation on a small part of the house. That way you can indulge all your best design ideas, and pick the fittings and finishes of your choice. But still have the project carried out in a short time frame and with the budget firmly under control.

To do this you need to work with a builder who is interested in small projects and can devote sufficient time and attention to achieve the result you want.

Bifold installation

You will also need to get input from someone with a good design sense to assist with selection of materials and fittings to achieve a well finished result.

A few good examples of mini renovations:

  • Renovation of heritage verandahs – fit new posts, repair rotten timber, replace lacework and install new fittings. This will give a major lift to the front of the house and get rid of that tired look.
  • Replace rotten windows – you can have heritage or modern windows made up to suit the property and have them installed including painting.
  • Replace that daggy front door – that’s right! – take it to the rubbish tip and have a new one installed that really shows off the property to best advantage. A well chosen front door skillfully installed and fitted with stylish new door furniture can transform the front of the house. If you want a security door as well then use the new Crimsafe design – very elegant door frames with discreet but very strong stainless steel security mesh.
  • Replace those rotten weatherboards – this on its own will make a big difference to the appearance of your home. As well as protecting the home from water damage due to the damaged weatherboards.
  • Install bi-fold doors – these are a great addition to most homes and can open up the side of the building allowing access to outdoor areas for barbeques and entertaining. You can use timber or aluminium and include double glazing for thermal efficiency.

Mini reno kitchen
You will need someone with good ideas for this type of work, as well as directions for the best fittings to achieve the look that you want.It is important that materials are selected so that the finished result complements the existing features of the house without looking out of place. This takes good judgment and experience. It also takes high quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Once you have carried out a few mini-renovation projects over a few years then the house will be in great condition if you decide to sell or simply stay put.

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